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Waterless Fire Suppression Systems: FM-200 ®, CPS, NOVEC 1230 TM 

S.O.S Fire Services, Inc is proud to offer the Amarex CPS (Clean Agent Pre-engineered System) Fire Suppression System as a protection solution for your high valve or high risk hazards.

The Amarex CPS offers a clean agent fire suppression utilizing either Dupont ™ FM-200 ®  or 3M ® NOVEC 1230 ™ Fire Protection Fluid.


Dupont™ FM-200® is used in more than 70 countries providing

environmentally friendly protection for over 100,000 applications

making it the leading choice in clean agent systems.


3M™ NOVEC 1230™ Fire Protection Fluid has a Global Warming

Potential of 1 and an atmospheric life of just 5 days making it the

long term sustainable choice that also has the greatest margin of

safety of any of the chemical agents in the marketplace today.


Amarex CPS was developed so installation would be simple and efficient. The complete system, including smoke detectors is modular to assure simple and trouble-free wiring during installation.

Agent cylinders are custom filled for each application – which means that you are not paying for more extinguishing agent then required. 


Should a fire start -

The sequence of events in a fire situation are as follows:

A.Upon detection of a smoke condition, the first detector (zone1) puts the system into alarm and a bell will sound. At this time a signal will be sent to the main building fire alarm panel and will sound alerting personal that the system has detected a fire. The system however, will not discharge. The system will remain in alarm condition until the system is reset. This is the time that the building personal will have to get to the room and abort the system and activate the disconnect switch and investigate the cause of the alarm. This will be in effect until the following item occurs.

B.Smoke will reach the second detector (zone 2) detects smoke; the system goes into final discharge mode. The system has a built in time delay of 30 seconds. If personal do not push and hold the built in Abort button and/or turn the system disconnect key in time, the system will discharge at the end of the time delay (30 seconds).


The CPS is a cost effective, reliable and waterless Fire Protection solution which was developed for these typical applications;


  • Date Processing Centers

       Server Rooms

       Tape storage and data vaults

       UPS rooms

  • Telecommunications 

       PBX & IDF Rooms

       Cell Sites

  • Process Control Rooms

  • Healthcare Facilities

       Medical records Storage

       CT/CAT scan & MRI Control Rooms

  • Laboratories

  • Museums and cultural centers

  • Flammable liquid storage rooms

Secure • Around the clock protection with state of the art fast Response detection


Affordable • Quick installations - many projects use just 3’ of pipe 


Flexible • Nozzles can be tucked into a corner without suspending pipe over expensive equipment


Innovative • Plug & Play wiring for fast trouble free installations


Simple • Pre-engineered design meets all NFPA 2001 requirements without the extra cost of flow calculations


Modular • Tank sizes allow for easy expansion should room dimensions be modified


Listed • Amerex CPS Systems are UL and ULC Listed, approved by Factory Mutual, NYC MEA accepted, and CSFM approved. FM-200® and NOVEC 1230™ are US EPA SNAP approved agents. Systems are designed and insta



Clean Agent For Server Room FIRE Suppression System
Clean Agent For Server Room FIRE Suppression System
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